Road to Beautiful Smile

iAligners heading logo are nearly invisible orthodontic removable appliances. They are a wireless, bracket-less technique that evolved in the past few years to serve dentistry and orthodontics. It provides a perfect braces treatment to get the beautiful smile on your face. iAligners heading logo are thermoplastic appliances worn by the patient's teeth, in a sequence addressed by our company to achieve the desired result of tooth movement in the predetermined timeframe. iAligners heading logo can treat simple, mild and moderate cases which resemble more than 60% of orthodontic cases; mostly it concentrates on the aesthetic results that could be achieved for anterior mal-alignments.







Our Main USP's

Extremely Quick Case Review

From our experience in practice, the quicker you can respond to the patient with feasibility of a case, the sooner the case gets confirmed. This prevents window shopping. Hence we make it extremely quick for the clinicians to make a decision on the case by reverting about the feasibility in just 10-15 minutes only.

Short Time Lines

From the day we receive the impressions at our collection center in Mumbai, we take 2-3 working days for 3D treatment simulation 7-10 working days for the aligners to be shipped from Mumbai. In all the total timelines are, for the aligners to be shipped for final delivery ~ 9-13 working days.

'Right Price'

We assure you the best in technology at an affordable price. iAligners is a product proudly Made in India for the world.

iAligners' Features

  • Superior Quality of material

We use our propitiatory material which decreases the tooth lag( difference of the planned tooth movement and achieved tooth movement by each aligner).

For most other systems, the amount of tooth movement achieved with each aligner is 60-70% of the planned but in iAligners the tooth movement achieved is 85-90%.

It is one of the most important reasons for requirement of less number of aligners as compared to most of the other systems.

  • Thin & Thick Aligners

As we use thin & thick wire in fixed appliances, similarly we use thin(0.5mm) & thick(0.8mm) thickness aligners which give us added advantage as compared to all the other systems as this feature is something used by iAligners only. iAligners provide the perfect braces treatment to get beautiful smile.

  • Use of Engagers/ Auxiliaries

Auxiliaries are as essential in

Clear Aligners

as hooks, elastics or micro implants in Fixed orthodontic therapy. To claim that results are feasible without auxiliaries in Clear Aligner Therapy is similar to the claim that results in Fixed Appliance can be achieved with only wire and without braces.

Few Orthodontic movements impossible or very difficult or extremely slow without auxiliaries area. Torqueb. Intrusionc. Mesializationd. Distalizatione. Axial inclination Correction or tooth uprightingf.Premolar extraction Cases.