Procedure to straighten your teeth only with iAligners.

16 August, 2018

The Braces are used as per requirement by those expert dentists, and it is quite common nowadays. But in this field iAlignner, provides some innovative options to straighten your teeth. It offers cosmetic braces instead of standard braces, that is also without any wire, and brackets. It is almost invisible to the eye. It also comes with the removal option and free from any restriction like those traditional braces.

You will find some aligner companies in the field of teeth straightening, but iAligner is the pioneer in the field of invisible aligners along with the advanced technologies. The aligners will be custom-made, and quite comfortable to wear. The plastic braces will be ultimately invisible. With a regular use, it will shift your teeth into the proper place. Here are some benefits and features of the braces from iAligner.

Benefits Of iAligner Braces

  • Unnoticed braces, around your teeth for enhancing your smile
  • Free from those metal brackets, free from wires for tightening process
  • Change a fresh set of braces in two weeks
  • Get back your original smile without hiding your uneven teeth

Features Of iAligner Braces

  • Light and Invisible Braces
  • Soft as well as comfortable, clear aligners
  • Easily removable without any glitches
  • Can clean as and when required
  • Can eat your favorite food without any limitations

iAligner offers a seamless braces treatment to allow you to smile openly with your beautiful teeth. The advance technology by iAligner provides you a proper tooth movement within the scheduled period. There are several processes for straightening your teeth, let’s discuss

Finest Quality of material

At iAligner, they use the propitiatory material to lessen the tooth lag for the better tooth movement process. And because of the use of high-quality material iAligner possesses, the better tooth movement rate as compared to other aligners, and that is 85% to 90%. Apart from that, it requires less number of aligners as well.

Uses Of Both Thin & Thick Aligners

The experts at iAligner use both thick and thin aligners of 0.5 mm and 0.8 mm respectively for providing an excellent solution to your uneven teeth. You will undergo a proper treatment to get back your beautiful smile forever. You won’t have to feel ashamed due to your teeth.

Use of Auxiliaries For Better Movement

Auxiliaries or engagers are quite essential in invisible aligners. These are like the hooks or wires which is used in case of older methods of straightening teeth. For attaining a better result to your braces treatment auxiliaries are necessary. You cannot expect a movement without those engagers and auxiliaries. Here you will receive all the required treatment to enlighten your face with a beautiful smile.

iAligners, a fantastic option for your brace treatment based in the dream city of Mumbai, is a part of InvisOrtho Technologies. It uses Make in India products for its therapy along with the best and affordable treatment for every category of people. And it truely signifies their motto “Having a beautiful smile is no more a luxury.”